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photo One Science Nutrition Whey Protein One Science Nutrition Whey Protein
One Science Nutrition Whey Protein


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One Science Nutrition Whey Protein

Product Details

One Science Nutrition makes it Premium Whey Protein from proteins that can help muscles recover, rebuild, and tone. It is a mandatory supplement for regular fitness enthusiasts as it helps them build their muscles. Unlike many other proteins, this is made from Grass-Fed Whey which allows it to stand out when it comes to its benefits. OSN Premium Whey has various other benefits too!

Benefits of Premium Whey
OSN Premium Whey 2.2 Lbs is made from Grass-Fed Whey, and it suits every body type. It has 25 grams of protein, 6.6 grams of BCAA per serving, and it is also fortified with 5.2 grams of L-glutamine per serving. That is a massive amount and should provide the consumer with a pre-workout boost. There is also an added amount of Whey Protein Isolate in it, which allows the consumer to get the boost they require before kicking in for their workout. It helps the consumer to refuel and repair the muscles in their body.

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